GCL Ministries, Inc.

No Surprises Act
Good Faith Estimate

GCL Ministries is considered a mental health provider and therefore, we are required by the 2022 No Surprises Act to provide you a Good Faith Estimate if you’re not using insurance for payment or reimbursement for your counseling services.

Although the hourly rate of service is disclosed to you and you’re in control of deciding the amount of hourly sessions that you prefer to participate in and pay for within a calendar year, we are required by law to provide a financial estimate for your course of counseling services provided through GCL Ministries.

The national average for a course of mental health related counseling is 18 sessions. Based on the national average, the following is an initial estimate for your counseling services.

  • 60-minute Counseling Session Rate (Your Rate Here)
  • Total estimate “fee for services” without insurance based on the national average of 18 sessions: (Your Session Rate x 18)

This is a rough estimate based on national averages. The time frame of help will vary depending on the severity of the identified issues and the current circumstances that you’re dealing with. The duration of the amount of sessions can be longer or shorter depending upon your response to the care provided and your work between sessions. Suspension, termination, or referral can be discussed at any time.

Location of counseling services:
All in-person sessions will take place at
3000 Atrium Way, Suite 200,
Mt. Laurel NJ 08054
Virtual Sessions are also available