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A biblically based and gospel-centered nonprofit Christian ministry that provides individual, marriage, and family counseling, coaching, and help for pastors, missionaries and ministry leaders.

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Practical Help – Genuine Hope

Our Ministries

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GCL Counseling
a branch of GCL Ministries, Inc.,

Offering individual, marriage, and family counseling in a safe space, with compassionate care by trained, experienced help. Our goal is to work alongside you with a biblical perspective, help you identify your root issues, and guide you in achieving new insights, healthy responses, and lasting change. Interested in meeting with a counselor?

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GCL Coaching
a branch of GCL Ministries, Inc.,

Offering support and encouragement in your direction, while facilitating your learning and problem solving – keeping you in control of your goals. With agreement on biblical principles, our goal is to work alongside you and engage in listening, asking questions, stimulating your thinking, and encouraging you in your vision, progress, and efforts.

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GCL Pastoral Care
a branch of GCL Ministries, Inc.,

Offering help for Pastors, Missionaries & Ministry Leaders. A reality of ministry is the tendency to neglect your own needs and care while seeking to care for and meet the needs of others. Unattended care combined with seasonal hardships can lead to isolation, depression and burnout, enabling personal and relational brokenness.

Camden Ministry

GCL Ministries has established a relationship with Seeds of Hope Ministries, located in the heart of Camden. SOH is an outreach ministry to the following three areas:

  1. The homeless, the poor and others living on the streets of Camden.
  2. Men who have been released from prison and are in need of safe housing, godly mentoring, and practical care as they transition back into the community.
  3. Women who are in bondage to various addictions and who turn to prostitution to support their habits.

GCL Ministries has a presence in Camden offering biblically-based and gospel-centered counseling and coaching to those at SOH who would benefit from our services.

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Our Philosophy

Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

We believe that knowing God is the greatest good that can happen to a person and the meaning of life is ultimately found in Jesus Christ. We believe that the local church is God’s primary intended means to minister to, care for, and equip people in the Christian faith.  We believe that the oversight of appointed shepherds within the local church, along with the the empowerment and gifting of the Holy Spirit, the preaching and teaching of God’s Word and His Gospel, and the gathering and fellowship of believers, all serve in foundational and core ways in the life of a person.