About Us

God Changes Lives Counseling

Jesus said

“I am the way, and the truth, and the life.”

John 14:6


“God is so good and He has demonstrated that repeatedly throughout my life and especially this past year. I am completely convinced that the growth that we have made is a direct result of the work He’s done in us through you. Not only is it a blessing to know someone who is so obviously used of God, but it is even more special to be affected so personally. Thank you so much for all you’ve done for us and for the sacrifice you’ve made to devote yourself and your work to the Lord.”


“I know that my life has changed so dramatically in the past six months. God has changed my heart and continues to change my heart and life everyday. I am so thankful that God has taken me to true biblical counseling in the most Christ-like way that I’ve ever experienced. The compassion that was shown has truly helped me to want to change inside my heart the things that only God sees and only He can change anyway.”


“There are not enough wonderful things that I can say about this ministry. I was starting to feel like my fate was that of those who were before me; the generational curse of divorce, poverty and just not truly knowing what the Lord has planned for your life. I always had the Lord with me. I always had the Holy Spirit guide me. I always had the Word of the Living God etched on my heart. The problem was that I had to learn about getting to the heart, or root, of the problem. If you are struggling and maybe you can’t put your finger on what is going on in your life, this is the right ministry for you. It was a blessing to me and my life and I know it will bless you too.”


“For some, it’s hard to admit that they need help…that they can’t figure things out themselves. This was me. Then I was led to GCL Ministries and found the help that I desperately needed. I found a counselor who compassionately listened, tenderly understood, and desired to help me figure things out by getting to the heart of my struggles, always pointing me to the truths rooted in God’s Word. I thank God for this ministry and the biblical guidance and genuine hope it has pointed me to, which has changed my life in ways that I never thought would happen. May God bless this ministry.”

Our Philosophy

Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” We believe that knowing God is the greatest good that can happen to a person and the meaning of life is ultimately found in Jesus Christ. We believe that the local church is God’s primary intended means to minister to, care for, and equip people in the Christian faith. We believe that the oversight of appointed shepherds within the local church, along with the empowerment and gifting of the Holy Spirit, the preaching and teaching of God’s Word and His Gospel, and the gathering and fellowship of believers, all serve in foundational and core ways in the life of a person.

The heart of GCL Ministries is to come alongside the local church and help people with a biblical perspective to their situation. When addressing questions regarding our anthropology, our understanding of human nature, and the issues of life regarding purpose, needs, and the role of relationships, we believe that the Bible is the ultimate authority in shaping our worldview on these kinds of topics. As we minister to the whole person, we first build on the practical application of biblical truths to real life issues and will also embrace other necessary truths regarding the psychology, physiology and shaping influences of the person, always striving to provide biblical counsel and practical help with humility and integrity.

We also believe that God’s intended purpose for Christians is to not walk out life independent of God, of the local church, of pastoral oversight and care, and of Christian fellowship and accountability. We kindly recommend that those pursuing counseling through GCL Ministries consider, on an agreeable and as-needed basis, granting permission for the counselor to interact with an advocate, such as a pastor or church leader and/or a trusted friend or family member, with whom an accountable mentoring relationship can function, enhancing the counseling process..

We believe that, to make the most of the counseling process, assertive participation achieves the best results, while casual participation usually results in minimal progress. The time frame of help will vary depending on the severity of the identified issues and the current circumstances surrounding the person seeking help.

Our Staff



Founder, Executive Director, Counselor | Mt. Laurel Office

Joe earned his undergraduate degree from West Chester University in Pennsylvania. Following graduation, he joined the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ (also known as CRU). Joe then earned a Master of Arts in Counseling from Biblical Theological Seminary in Hatfield Pennsylvania (now called Missio Seminary in Philadelphia). He first began serving in the counseling profession in 1996 with Living Hope Counseling Center in Coatesville, Pa. In 2003, Joe founded God Changes Lives Ministries, Inc. in South Jersey and currently serves as the Executive Director and a Counselor and Teacher.

In addition to serving through GCL, Joe served for nine years as an Associate Pastor and was involved with overseeing church ministries that focused on small groups, prayer, men’s discipleship, counseling, teaching, and guest follow-up. He also preached occasionally and supported the pastoral team in other areas of church ministry as needed.

Joe’s primary interest in counseling is helping others who struggle with depression, anxiety, anger, and relational and circumstantial conflicts. Since Joe was once a pastor himself, he can identify with the struggles that come with being a leader in church ministry and he is drawn to helping pastors and ministry leaders receive the counsel and care they need to remain spiritually, emotionally and physically healthy in ministry.

Since 1991, Joe has been married to his wife Nancy and they have two married daughters, a teen daughter and an adult son. In addition to serving in ministry, Joe enjoys the outdoors, renovation projects, and spending quality time with family and friends.



Counselor | Mt. Laurel Office

Mary is a graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary in Glenside, PA with a Masters of Arts in Counseling. She holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ. For the past five years, Mary worked as a permanency worker, providing therapeutic services to children and families in the foster care system.

Mary has experienced her own brokenness and has journeyed alongside many others through theirs. She has walked side by side with high school students and women who have endured sexual abuse, leading them to redemption in Jesus Christ. Mary desires to continue to help women, children, and families.

Mary has been married since 2017 to her husband Scott. She has two stepsons and a baby boy. You will typically find her with a book in one hand and cup of coffee in the other. Her favorite places include the sun, sand, and ocean.