Regarding Fees and Sessions

Our fee for a one hour counseling session is $85. The initial one hour session is $100.

GCL Ministries does not participate with insurance. If you need financial help, we encourage you to seek assistance from your local church family and speak with your counselor about your financial situation.

Our desire is to provide help to anyone who reaches out to us at GCL Ministries. Please share any financial concerns with us before deciding not to seek help because of an inability to pay our fee.

Regarding Cancellations

A $45 fee will apply to cancellations less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time.

Regarding Confidentiality

Within the limitations discussed below, the information disclosed and discussed during our counseling relationship will be kept confidential within the counseling staff of God Changes Lives Ministries and your advocate(s). However, certain conditions do require that confidentiality and priviledged communication be breached.

These conditions include the following:

(1) If you present a physical, emotional, or biblically moral danger to yourself; (2) If you present a physical, emotional, or biblically moral danger to another person which can include but not be exclusive to verbal or physical abuse, passive aggressive actions or maipulation, and a communicable disease that can be life-threatening to others; (3) If there is reason to believe that child abuse or neglect is present, a report must be filed with a state child protection agency; (4) If a legitimate court order is issued; and (5) If the counseling is ordered or under the supervision of the court.

We believe that parents are God's representatives to their child and are an authority in the upbringing and training of their children. We consider it essential that parents be involved in their child's counseling and open to counseling for themselves. We will only provide counseling to children under the age of 18 who give written consent to consult with their parents or legal guardians.

When serving couples and children, we adopt a “no secrets” rule. That is, should a counselor speak individually with either party, the counselor has the right to disclose any information to the other party.