Our Philosophy

When addressing questions regarding our anthropology, our understanding of human nature, and the issues of life regarding purpose, needs, and the role of relationships, we believe that the Bible is the ultimate authority in shaping our worldview on these kinds of topics. As we minister to the whole person, we first build on the practical application of biblical truths to real life issues and will also embrace other necessary truths regarding the physiology and shaping influences of the person, always striving to provide biblical counsel and practical help with humility and integrity.

In order to more effectively serve you and best equip our counselors to help you, we believe in a team approach when providing our counseling. We believe in the biblical authority of the local church and its establishment to provide and oversee opportunity and care for people to function in biblical community. When pursuing counseling through God Changes Lives Ministries, we require your authorization to discuss the content of your situation within or amongst our counseling staff of GCL and with an advocate from your local church. The advocate should be your pastor or church leader and/or someone with whom you're able to be accountable to in a mentoring relationship throughout the counseling process.

The time frame of help will vary depending on the severity of the identified issues, how God is at work in your life, and the degree of your commitment to responsibly follow through with the offered agenda of counseling. This commitment will involve your participation in homework, reading, and consistent attendance to your scheduled appointments. Assertive participation achieves the best results, while casual participation usually results in minimal progress.

Our Hope

Jesus said, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life." John 14:6

Our Mission

To come alongside people with a biblical perspective and help them discover the hope in Jesus Christ to...

  • Know life's purpose.
  • Respond to life's demands, uncertainties, and challenges.
  • Experience lasting change.

By providing...

  • Individual & Family Counseling
  • Seminars
  • Ministry Consulting

We are available to provide biblical counseling regarding:



Addictions Grief
Anger Life's Purpose
Anxiety Marriage
Depression Parenting
Direction Relational Conflicts
Disorders Suffering

Our Counselors

Joe Carnuccio, Jr., M.A.

Joe is the Founder and Executive Director of God Changes Lives Ministries, Inc. He also serves as a Counselor and Teacher. Joe earned his undergraduate degree from West Chester University in Pennsylvania and earned a Master of Arts in Counseling from Biblical Seminary in Hatfield, Pennsylvania. He first began serving in the counseling profession in 1996 and also currently serves part-time as an associate pastor at his local church. Since 1991, Joe has been married to his wife Nancy and they have three daughters and a son.

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